Ferg defeats Dr Disrespect in Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Kill Race

The Doc put up a good performance in the mobile game.

Image via Activision

In an anticipated throwdown between Dr. Disrespect and iFerg in Call of Duty: Mobile’s battle royale mode, Ferg managed to beat the Doc in the kill race.

The rules for the throwdown were simple. There were two rounds of 45 minutes each. The first round was played on mobile while the second one was on keyboard and mouse. The creators had to play the battle royale mode separately to see who could pick up the most kills.

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As expected, Ferg dominated in the competition, picking up a total of 84 kills. In the mobile round, Ferg got 37 kills while he managed 47 kills in the keyboard and mouse round. The Doc, on the other hand, wasn’t very far behind with 23 and 26 kills from the first and second rounds, respectively, for a total of 49 kills.

The CODM matchmaking usually pits new players against a lot of bots in the battle royale mode. The Doc took full advantage of this in assisting him to pick up the kills.

The 80’s Throwdown between the two personalities didn’t happen smoothly, though. Dr. Disrespect, who is perhaps playing a mobile game for the first time, could be seen struggling to get his sensitivities and controls right. Ferg, on the other hand, ran into some connection issues during the competition.

Nonetheless, a lot of players tuned in to see Dr. Disrespect, who previously said that “mobile gamers aren’t real gamers,” play a game using his tablet. The stream peaked at 131,489 viewers and had an average viewership of 78,609, according to Esports Charts.