Fan creates 3D-printed Tidehunter tribute to Among Us

There are heroes among us.

Image via Innersloth

Among Us has surged in popularity thanks to the massive exposure provided by the streaming community—and Dota 2‘s Tidehunter is here to catch the wave.

A fan has created an adorable 3D-printed mini of an Among Us character, equipped with Tide’s signature anchor weapon. One black and green paint job later and the character is ready to leave the ocean and fly into space.

If you have a 3D printer, the STL file is available here for download. You’ll need to put your painting skills to the test to turn it into a Tidehunter, however.

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Imagine if this little guy, along with its phenomenal walk animation, could tag along with his big brother in a game of Dota 2. Cosmetic pets aren’t a foreign concept in Dota 2, with Almond the Frondillo and Crystal Maiden Arcana’s Wolf Pup companion available as equipment.

The party game Among Us has become the sleeper hit of 2020 despite being released two years ago. It’s gained popularity thanks to its streamability X-factor that’s seen audience overlaps from the sweatiest of Twitch’s streamers to even casual content creators less involved in gaming.