eUnited rise above the rest: NA CS Week 4 Recap

Six teams took to the rift in the fourth week of NA CS competition and some teams went to bed happy, while others are left with nothing but questions.

The North American Challenger Series has been very even so far, with most of the teams unable to take a sweep but instead split the games 1-1 and only gain one point. Though Team Gates remains the only team without a point, the rest of the teams have at least two ties. Here is a recap of which teams won and which teams tied this week.

(2-2-0) eUnited 2-0 Team Gates (0-0-4)

Team Gates had a very questionable draft, allowing both Rengar and Ryze to go over to eUnited without gaining much. They proved themselves early as they got two kills from both Shen and Kha’Zix, the two picks they took to trade away Rengar and Ryze. eUnited quickly picked up the pace and brought the game even, eventually taking a lead. eUnited then went full speed and ran over their opponents, cruising to a swift 28 minute victory.

Despite Rengar showing up strong in game one, Team Gates allowed eUnited to pick the champ again on red side. eUnited retained much of the same composition from the first game, with only Ryze giving way and Corki coming into the mid lane. eUnited started the game with a lead and steadily grew their lead in the match, never giving Team Gates an advantage. eUnited finished the second game even quicker than the first and shut Team Gates out 2-0.

(1-3-0) Big Gods Jackals 1-1 Tempo Storm (1-3-0)

Big Gods Jackals subbed out Oleksii “RF Legendary” Kuziuta for Cristian “Cris” Rosales for this series, but it did not make any difference in the first game because Diego “Quas” Ruiz was allowed to pick Camille. Despite a few nerfs to the champion, she remains incredibly strong and Quas showed that in this game, helping to lead his team to a strong game one victory.

Big Gods picked a heavy poke composition in the second game, with picks like Jayce, Corki, and Varus, which Tempo Storm attempted to counter with a support Braum. Big Gods took a strong lead in the top lane, getting a kill and the first tower, which allowed Jayce to roam the map. Big Gods used their poke comp to great effect, sieging down turrets and growing their lead. Though it took them 40 minutes, Big Gods eventually closed out the game and took the win to force the series tie.

(1-3-0) Gold Coin United 2-0 Delta Fox (1-1-2)

In the first match, Fox took an early lead by focusing on the top side of the map, empowering Colin “Solo” Earnest to carry the game. In response to this, Lucas “Santorin” Larsen focused on the opposite side of the map to give an advantage to his team. Gold Coin United edged out ahead and a late fight finally allowed them to take down the Nexus and grab the first victory.

Three members of Delta Fox collapsed on the mid lane to grab first blood to start off the second game. Despite the early deficit, Gold Coin United did not crumble but instead took the lead and pushed Delta Fox into their base. Gold Coin United easily took the second game to close out the series and grab their first 2-0 victory.

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