Elementalist Lux Ultimate Skin

The new ultimate skin has been revealed, and my word, it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Fans of the burst mage Lux shall rejoice across the world, as she has been blessed with the new ultimate skin. While there are still some mysteries about the skin, there is going to be a stream on the League of Legends Twitch account tomorrow at 2 p.m. PST. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Multiple Reveals 

League of Legends accounts from numerous different countries (Italy, Brazil, Thailand and US for example) have each uploaded a different variation of what would appear to be the same video. However, people quickly realised that when positioned correctly, the four videos make an image; the emblem is seen when Lux leaves her passive marker on an enemy.

A more in depth look at the Lux skin was uploaded to the League of Legends Spain Facebook account, and gave more insight on what would make the skin “ultimate.”

The Skin

Similar to the other ultimate skins, Elementalist Lux has set transformations. What makes this skin unique, is the sub-leveling system, where the player levels up a chosen element from the four initially available: fire, water, grass and dark. The player starts as the default elementalist, and chooses what element their character will level. When the element is fully leveled up, the player then chooses another element to level up.

Here’s where it gets extremely interesting. Depending on which element is chosen next, it will in some way mix with the current element, creating a different element all together. As seen in the trailer, the grass skin is chosen and upon choosing the fire element, creates an entirely new element.

From what is shown at the end of another reveal on the League of Legends Facebook, it appears there are in total 10 variations of the skin available.

There is still a lot to see from the skin, and looks to deliver a lot of play time and enjoyability. Make sure to tune into the League of Legends Twitch stream tomorrow, where they will showcase more of the skin, and even take votes on which way to transform the skin.

Elementalist Lux looks like an experience to use, and as a fan of League of Legends, I am genuinely excited to play Lux with this skin. That is, if I’m able to get my hands on Lux following the skin’s release. We all remember that pain with DJ Sona.

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Jordan Aldridge-Payne is an esports journalist for GAMURS and can be reached on Twitter @mrjordanap.