Duck, Duck, Goose: Week 4 LoL Pick and Ban Trends

With no major changes in the meta, most champions have remained steady in their pick/ban rates but some unique picks are being seen.

The 2017 Spring Split has finished the fourth week of competition across most regions and the meta has developed both globally and in each specific region. The Chinese LPL resumed play after a two-week break, while the three other major regions continued on. Here is a summary of which champions became relevant and which ones stayed powerful.

Korea – LCK

Maokai kept his reign as the most picked champion, being selected in 47 out of the 51 games in which the tree was not banned. The Big Three remain as the most banned champions, and LeBlanc sits on top, being banned in 99 percent of games and only played on the Rift once for the season. One unique pick that has popped up in Korea that has not been seen in other regions much is Aurelion Sol. The Dragon has been selected four times and banned six times, and has earned his way to a 100 percent win ratio. Rengar keeps the highest win percentage of champions with 10 or more picks, sitting at a 72 percent. Zyra, LeBlanc, Camille and Rengar have still had their icons show up in 100 percent of the games in the region, whether it be picked or banned.

China – LPL

China has followed in the path of their Eastern brothers with Maokai as the most picked champion in the region, as the champion has been seen in 65 percent of games played. No champion has been banned in every game, but Rengar and Camille share the most bans with 90 percent of games. After the Big Three’s ban rate, which is over 80 percent in the region, the next most banned champion is Syndra, with a 50 percent ban rate. Only Camille has been seen in every game, whether picked or banned, as teams have allowed strong champions to fall through the whole draft. There is a lot of parity in LPL between champions, as the highest win percentage of any champion with 10 or more picks is 45 percent on Kha’Zix, showing that no champion is too strong and guarantees a win.

Europe – EU LCS

Europe has departed from the Maokai dominance in picks with two AD carries in Varus and Jhin staying as the most picked champions in the regions, while Shen is the most picked top lane champion. The three champions have a 69 percent, 66 percent, and 53 percent pick rate respectively. Surprisingly, none of the Big Three are the most banned champions, though they have been allowed to be picked a few times. Rumble comes out on top in win percentage of champions with 10 or more picks, as the champion has managed to win 74 percent of his games. Europe has been the region to bring out unique picks that are not seen much in other regions with champions like Mordekaiser, Kog’Maw, Kled, Warwick, Illaoi, and others showing that this region is not afraid to experiment and make its own meta.

North America – NA LCS

North America is the region with the most games played, and Varus has continued as the most picked champion in the region by being played in 71 games. The Big Three are the most banned champions in NA, and Camille takes the top spot with 96 percent ban ratio so far. Camille, LeBlanc and Rengar do retain their 100 percent pick/ban ratio, with no teams feeling that any of these powerful picks can be let through the entire draft. Rengar warrants his bans, as he is the champion with the highest win percentage of champions with 10 or more picks, sitting at a 77 percent. North America has incorporated picks from every region, with picks like Aurelion Sol, Ivern, and others showing that teams are keeping eyes on every region to see what has been successful.


There have been 92 unique champions either picked or banned across all regions, which is 69 percent of the total champions available in League of Legends. Varus is the most picked champion and Maokai sits closed behind, as the two champions have been picked 175 and 167 games respectively, while Kha’Zix squeezes into the third spot with 161 picks. The Big Three sit as the most banned champions, with LeBlanc taking the ultimate crown at the top with 255 bans across all regions. Rengar leads champions with 10 or more picks in win percentage sporting a 69 percent. Two champions have seen increased focus this past week, with teams frequently picking Graves in the jungle and Gragas in the top lane. With the new patch being applied in the coming week, the meta may shift a little and the Big Three picks may see more picks and less bans.

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