Dr Disrespect rants on PUBG’s ping: “That’s why no one is playing your game”

The Doc shares a few choice words with the battle royale’s developers.

Screengrab via Dr Disrespect

After a frustrating death in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm angrily ranted about the battle royale’s ping, claiming the game is so disgusting that it “makes [him] sick.”

During the Doc’s stream, he was under fire from an enemy that was inside of a building. When the streaming personality entered the building and died to his opponent, he claimed that PUBG’s bad ping was at fault.

In the video, Dr Disrespect goes off on the game for being recently patched and still yielding issues.

“You guys are making me sick,” the streamer yelled before storming off. “You’re not doing anything for this game. Nothing!”

When the Doc returned, he calmly explained that even though the game was the first of its kind, poor programming is the reason why it’s no longer thriving. Dr Disrespect went so far as to ask for his skins to be removed from the game.

Ironically, the person responsible for killing the streamer and causing the entire rant was using a Dr Disrespect sniper skin.

Though the demand to remove the skins was in jest, Dr Disrespect often complains about PUBG’s poor game design. In his stream last week, the streamer failed to get a solo victory during his Triple Threat Challenge and uninstalled the battle royale.

Despite his qualms with PUBG, Dr Disrespect continues to be one of the game’s active streamers.