Dr Disrespect, NICKMERCS bash Call of Duty: Warzone’s Operation Monarch

Warzone streamers slam the kaijus.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone‘s latest event, Operation Monarch, introduced Godzilla vs. King Kong into the battle royale. But some of the scene’s most popular streamers have already written off the event.

NICKMERCS and Dr Disrespect are undoubtedly two of the largest figures in the battle royale genre, and although their presence spans multiple titles, the two routinely have returned to Activision’s premier game. Only hours after Warzone’s Operation Monarch dropped today, both streamers were quick to criticize the event’s new content.

While Operation Monarch brings several new content features to Warzone, the most notable are the inclusion of well-known monster characters King Kong and Godzilla. The two behemoths stand on opposite sides of the map, often harassing players by providing new environmental hazards. While the Call of Duty team certainly hyped up the crossover event, players and streamers alike have not reciprocated the same enthusiasm.

YouTuber streamer Dr Disrespect swiftly gave Operation Monarch a less than stellar review, giving the event only a 2.2 out of 10. Certainly underwhelmed with the Godzilla vs. Kong inclusion, the Two Time even wrote “What am I… 9 years old?”

Echoing the sentiments of Dr Disrespect, NICKMERCS labeled Operation Monarch as “awful” by the start of day one. “This Warzone event is awful,” NICKMERCS said. “Maybe we’re spoiled from the Fortnite ones, but damn bro. King Kong and Godzilla don’t even fight.”

In comparison to the events led by Epic Games in Fortnite, the FaZe co-owner found Warzone‘s latest update quite lacking and was critical of the kaiju’s addition.

Though impressions of Operation Monarch are still coming out, these two streamers have decidedly labeled Warzone’s update as a letdown.