Digital Chaos Wins ESL One Genting

DC won their first tournament in spectacular fashion at ESL One Genting.

In stunning fashion, Digital Chaos won their first tournament this weekend at ESL One Genting. DC beat Chinese powerhouse Newbee in a rare full best-of-five match. They are the first winners of a major LAN tournament in 2017 and on the new 7.01 gameplay version.  

The day began with the two semifinal matches: Digital Chaos playing Virtus.pro, followed by Newbee vs. Wings Gaming. VP, the heavy favorites to take the whole tournament, saw themselves get upset by DC, on the back of some usual, yet effective, item builds. On the other side of the bracket, we saw Newbee take down WIngs, and take the title of China’s strongest team.

The finals went all five games, something that hasn’t been done in years. Newbee took the first game, which was quickly matched in game two by Digital Chaos. Newbee struck back again in the third map, but DC took the tournament by winning games four and five. This is the first tournament win for not only the team, but for DC’s postition 5 player, Martin “Saksa” Sazdov, as well. 

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Art Credit: ESL Dota2