Dicey’s Top Lane Rankings for Fantasy LCS Week 2

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Top laners had a wild week one, with many unexpected players on top of the fantasy point leaderboard. People like Lourlo, Seraph, Balls and Zig really played above what fans may have expected, and now we are left to wonder if they will continue that form in week two. 

Here are my rankings for top laners in week two. 

1. Ssumday (Dignitas – NA LCS) 

Not much needs to be said about Ssumday, as he is one of the very best players in the world. However, he did have a rough fantasy week in week one, despite playing well and his team winning a handful of matches. This can be contributed to the fact that he was often split-pushing rather than being in a ton of skirmishes with his team. Hopefully for fantasy owners, we see DIG playing more top focused, and I think they will.  

Against Team SoloMid and Echo Fox, he should have no problems picking up a ton of points. Both teams will drop at least one game to DIG, so the opportunity is there.

2. Cabochard (Vitality – EU LCS)

If you have been reading all of these rankings, then you know I really like Vitality players this week. They have two very winnable series against Splyce and Origen, plus they score a lot of points as a team, regardless if they win or lose.

As a player, Cabochard has always had a high impact playstyle, where he wants to be the person who pulls the trigger to get his team ahead. This really works well in terms of scoring fantasy points, so that’s why he is towards the top of my rankings.

3. Lourlo (Team Liquid – NA LCS) 

Lourlo had a monster performance last week, really asserting himself as a breakout player. This week, I expect to see more of the same as he takes on the weakened TSM and P1. I have no doubt that TL will be able to pick up a couple game wins this week, and Lourlo looks to be the standout player of the team.  

One of the big things to note with Lourlo’s success is that he now has a jungler who is really control and information based. Reignover will always be aware of where the opposing jungler is, so it makes it really easy to communicate that with his laners. This opens up Lourlo to really pick his spots with almost perfect accuracy.

4. Vizicsacsi (Unicorns of Love – EU LCS)

Vizicsacsi is a very strong top laner, and this week, he finally gets to play two series. This makes for a very high scoring week for the UoL man and his owners.  

UoL will take on H2K to start the week, which will be followed by a matchup against Origen. Obviously in the first series, you have to expect H2K to win it, though I think UoL can take a game. Then, in the second series, UoL is the clear favorite against a very weak looking Origen lineup. 

If you can pick up Vizicsacsi this week, then you will be in good shape.

5. Alphari (Misfits – EU LCS)

Playing ROCCAT in the first series translates into points; simple as that. Where it gets tough is when Misfits take on G2 in their second matchup of the week. You have to hope they take a game off G2, and I think it’s a decent possibility. Thus, Alphari is my fifth best top laner for this week. 

If you are following along in these ranking articles, then you know I think Misfits will be a breakout team this split. If you are able to get Alphari off of free agency, or any Misfits players, then I suggest you do so.

6. Seraph (Team EnVyUs – NA LCS)

Seraph plays as aggressive as humanly possible all the time, and despite that, it may not always work when trying to win their games. But, it does work when trying to secure fantasy points. EnVy, as a team, will always try to fight as much as possible, so Seraph will have plenty of opportunities to score points. If you need a top laner for the week because maybe you only had Expect from G2, or think Impact may get subbed out again this week, then look to sign Seraph.  

They take on P1 and Immortals, two teams that could drop a game even to the struggling EnVy, especially if LirA is in the starting lineup for EnVy.

7. Flame (Immortals – NA LCS)

Flame has one of the higher potential ceilings in fantasy, as at any moment, he could just hard carry a game. He has that kind of raw skill, it’s just a matter of time before he unleashes it on the server.

But, that might be tough this week, as they take on Cloud9 to start the week. Shortly after, though, they get to play the struggling Team EnVyUs, which is where I expect Flame to takeover.

Play Flame this week if you feel like you need to take a risk in the top lane.

8. Hauntzer (TSM – NA LCS)

TSM looks pretty rough at the moment, but surely they turn it around at some point, right? Sadly, I do not think it will happen against DIG to start the week, but possibly against Liquid.  

In both games, Hauntzer has very tough matchups in the top lane. First, he has to play Ssumday (a top-three top laner in the world), then Lourlo, who looked like a monster last week. If you own Hauntzer, then you have to hope that TSM as a team plays like a well-oiled machine, as he will not score points on his own.

FeelsBadMan Starts of the Week

Impact (Cloud9 – NA LCS) 

Impact is no doubt a strong player, and he plays for the consensus number one team in the league, but he may get subbed out for games. You really have no clue if he will play in both series or not, because clearly Ray can come in and play well enough to win games. Cloud9 will not feel pressed to over-play Impact in most scenarios, so he comes with a ton of risk.

Balls (FlyQuest – NA LCS)

Balls went off last week, placing second in scoring for top laners. No, that is not a joke, he actually went off. As a team, FlyQuest all performed well, and looked like they may have turned back the clock. What needs to be considered, though, is whether or not they will continue this form. I am not sold on it quite yet, so I am holding a bit of caution.

To be fair though, Counter Logic Gaming and Echo Fox are not tough competition, so their schedule is not exactly difficult this week. Balls could be in for another great performance in week two. 

Who’s starting in your top lane for week two? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @GAMURScom.

Photo credits: Riot Flickr