Dicey’s Middle Lane Rankings for Fantasy LCS Week 1

Time for the mid lane rankings. Come take a look at what I think are the best starts for this week and possibly get some insight on who you should start at your flex position for the coming week.

Oh boy, the mid lane fantasy rankings. Will Bjergsen be number one all year? Let’s find out together.

1. Bjergsen (Team SoloMid – NA LCS)

How do you not rank this guy as the number one mid for the upcoming week? Bjerg was on a rampage all of last season and was far and above the best western player at Worlds last season, so naturally he gets the nod here. Expect to see him have at least two games that qualify him as the top fantasy mid laner this week.

2. Perkz (G2 Esports – EU LCS)

Perkz is much like Bjergsen in the sense that you can expect him and his team to have a very strong split, thus winning a lot of games and putting up a good amount of points. Perkz and G2 are set to face off against the newly-formed Fnatic roster, as well as Roccat, who looks to be very sub par this season. Out of all these potential matchups, there is sure to be at least one game where Perkz and G2 just absolutely demolish a team.

3. Ryu (Phoenix1 – NA LCS)

He plays Echo Fox. I mean, do I have to explain this more? Fine.

P1 looks to be a massive favorite going into their series with Echo Fox, and even though Ryu may not smash the mid lane in this series, he is sure to pick up a ton of points in team fights where he has always excelled. Echo Fox will most likely be one of the least coordinated teams in the LCS this split and Ryu is the type of player who will really take advantage of that.

4. Febiven (H2k-Gaming – EU LCS)

Febiven is one of the players I am really interested in watching this year. Obviously, we all know his potential as a player, but last season he struggled majorly. Plenty of things could have contributed to that, and from what we have heard out of him and his team, he is locked and ready to take over the EU LCS once again. This week he has a potentially really good matchup when he takes on the brand new Origen lineup that is far from spectacular, although anything can happen in week one between two teams that have both made some big changes to their rosters in the offseason. Still, my money is on Febiven to have a big game this week, thus making him a great start in your fantasy league.

5. Jensen (Cloud9 – NA LCS)

This is probably going to be one of the lowest placings for Jensen all year if I had to guess, and its solely based on the fact that he has two tough series ahead of him. Dignitas, in my opinion, is one of the best teams in the west, if not the best (purely speculation and hype) and on top of this, Keane has shown that he can go toe-to-toe with Jensen in the past. After they move past Dig, it gets no easier as they have to play TSM and fellow Dane, Bjergsen. Nonetheless, Jensen is one of those players who will shine in a best game format, as he always has at least one monster game in him each week. Just because he is at number five does not mean he could not end up as the top scorer this week; all of the above mids (Including Jensen) have that top scorer potential.

6. Keane (Dignitas – NA LCS)

Keane had a really strong split last season, proving that not only could he play some weird mid lane picks, but also some strong meta champions. I think he only improves upon that this season as he is surrounded by the most talented roster in the NA LCS. Look for Keane to have very solid performances all split, possibly even cracking top scorer in a week or two.

7. Ninja (Team EnVyUs – NA LCS)

This may be a bit high for Ninja this week, but in a best game format, I really like his chances of having a big game. EnVyUs may struggle this season, or they may be a top-five team; honestly its pretty unclear. What I do know is that Ninja has shown in the past that he can have big games, and in adding a top quality jungler in LirA, this only adds to his chances. EnVy played a style last season that often led to a lot of fights, and if EnVy ends up winning a game or two, then it could be massive points for any of their players, but mostly their top side of the map.

Matchup-wise, they have to face a rock solid CLG team that I frankly can’t imagine they will beat week one, but then they get the chance to shine against the newly appointed FlyQuest team that should be a bottom-feeder this split. I think Ninja will have no problems this week picking up points against FlyQuest, and honestly I could see them taking a game off of CLG as well. 

8. Pobelter/Huhi (Immortals/Counter Logic Gaming – NA LCS)

Both have potentially good matchups this week, as Pobelter faces Echo Fox and Huhi plays two middle of the table teams in Liquid and EnVy. The deciding factor between these two is a little bit complicated, but I am here to explain. If you are a team that has a lot of tough matchups this week and maybe you feel like you need a really big scorer potentially in the middle lane, go Pobelter. As a player, I think he has a much higher ceiling in terms of how many points he could score this week. But, if you are a team that has some good matchups and some very good players, Huhi is the safer bet. Huhi is almost a lock to win at least two or three games this week, and wins equal points in Fantasy LCS.

The FeelsBadMan Starts of the Week 

Hai (FlyQuest) and PowerOfEvil (Misfits)

With Hai, you get more chances at him hopefully winning a game, and even though he has never been a high point scorer in the past, he will have to be this season if they do end up winning games. Then, with PoE, you are simply betting on him returning to his great form he had with UoL, which seems risky but I would bet he does.

Misfits, as a team, is my dark horse for this season in the EU LCS. Throughout all of the offseason, all I have heard about them is good things. So look for PoE in the free agents section and stash him away if you may need a mid laner in the future.

Who is your starting mid laner for week one? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @GAMURScom.