Diablo 3: Eternal Collection is changing the way we game on the go

Sanctuary is calling, no one is safe and now you can save it even when you are on the move.

Image via GameSpot

Diablo III: Eternal Collection released on Nintendo Switch Nov. 2, and ever since then, players have been playing the game in ways they never could have before.

Up until now the players who wanted to play the critically acclaimed dungeon crawler on the go had to lug around a laptop or multiple other peripherals with them wherever they went. But with the latest release of Diablo they can just pull out their Switch and resume their adventure instantly.

The game has become so accessible that everyday commutes to work have changed from simple trips into opportunities to get more loot.

The Sanctuary is always open now, allowing players to jump in and out as they please throughout their normal schedules. It has never been easier to enjoy the legendary experience.

Blizzard’s multi-genre hit has always been praised as grinding done right, and the transition to Switch didn’t make the game lose any of its polish. The gameplay is smooth and with all of the various controller options available, everyone can find their preferred way to play.

While the game looks as good as it ever has when docked and displayed on a TV, the real experience comes from taking it with you to enjoy in handheld mode. Having access to Diablo and every piece of content added post-launch makes it perfect on Switch.

While you wait for friends at a restaurant you can pull out your Switch and get that tricky boss down or just wander around hoping that the next piece of equipment that you will cherish drops. And when they do get there you can pair up and play together using two Joy-Cons or another Switch.

Not only can fans of the classic Diablo gameplay have everything they want, all of the extra content that Blizzard released after the game originally released is also included.

The Reaper of Souls expansion and the Rise of the Necromancer class pack are packaged together with the base game in the Eternal Collection. That brings the total up to seven classes, five acts, and a few more exclusives too.

While you explore the Sanctuary on Nintendo Switch, you can find exclusive content related to The Legend of Zelda series.

This includes a pet themed after a pesky Cucco, a Triforce portrait frame, and an exclusive transmogrification set that will give access to an armor set based on “ The Great King of Evil” Ganondorf. Pretty neat, huh?

Pick up or dive back into a narrative that encourages you to stray from the main path and interact with the rest of the world while telling a story through addictive gameplay and countless characters – both main and NPC – that add multiple levels of depth.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on a copy check out the store page here.