Comcast Spectacor ‘evaluating plans for a new venue’ after COVID halts Fusion Arena construction

Fans will know more about what to expect in the coming months.

Image via Comcast Spectacor

Comcast Spectacor, the owner of the Overwatch League’s Philadelphia Fusion, still intends to develop a venue that will be used to host “concerts, esports, and much more,” according to a statement provided to Dot Esports today.

“Though we paused construction on Fusion Arena due to the pandemic, as many projects did around the country, we’re still evaluating our plans for a new venue at the Wells Fargo Center Complex to host concerts, esports, and much more,” the statement reads. “As we emerge from the pandemic, we’re eager to resume development of an innovative, state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Philadelphia’s sports and entertainment district. We hope to make announcements about the ongoing project in the coming months.”

There was no mention specifically of the Fusion Arena resuming construction, which was postponed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because the statement points to a “new venue,” it’s unclear at this time what the venue will be called or what its main purpose will be.

The Fusion Arena was originally a venue that the Philadelphia Fusion Overwatch League team was meant to play in before matches were taken to an online-only format in 2020.

The Fusion Arena was supposed to be right next to the Xfinity Live! venue, which has hosted Fusion events and watch parties in the past. The arena even had its groundbreaking event in 2019. But when the pandemic hit, construction never started and the arena was never built.

The main purpose of the arena was to host Comcast Spectacor’s Overwatch team, but the space was also going to be used for small-scale concerts, TED Talks, and more. With the uncertainty about whether the Overwatch League will return to in-person events hosted at local venues, fans and players alike will have to wait to see what Comcast Spectacor’s plans are for the venue in the coming months.