Colorblind streamer fails to defuse a bomb in Modern Warfare’s campaign

“Which one’s green?”

Image via Activision

Colorblind Twitch streamer Quirkitized ran into an issue during his Twitch broadcast yesterday when the success of a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare campaign mission depended on his ability to differentiate between several colors.

Quirkitized was playing through the Wolf’s Den campaign mission when he encountered the villain in an underground cave with a suicide vest strapped to his chest. With 20 seconds until the bomb went off, however, the streamer was thrown for a loop when asked to cut the green wire.

“Which one’s green?” the streamer said. “I hate being colorblind. Oh, fuck. We’re dead, we’re fucking dead.”

Despite having subtitles that appear when hovering over the wires, the green one is the shortest of them all and could easily be confused for any of the other three hues. At the end of 20 seconds, Quirkitized failed to disarm the bomb and was greeted with a boom and the death screen.

The streamer repeated the mission and was able to successfully cut the green wire afterward.

Modern Warfare offers various Accessibility settings for colorblind gamers, including subtitles and interface adjustments.

“You can choose the colorblind type (none, protanopia, deuteranopia, or tritanopia), which changes the color of various interface elements to match your type,” according to the Activision blog. “You can also apply a colorblind target filter over the entire game world, the HUD interface, or everything on the screen.”