CoD: Mobile World Championship gameplay settings, loadout restrictions unveiled

Players aren't allowed to use a lot of weapons and other items.

Screengrab via Activision

The 2022 Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship’s stage two is currently underway with players having to form teams to compete for a spot in the regional qualifiers. With stage two wrapping up on May 22, Activision has revealed the competitive settings which will be followed in the remaining three stages of the 2022 World Championship. 

The top 256 teams from each region in stage two will advance to the next stage, which are the regional qualifiers. The regions in the World Championship include LATAM, India, Europe, Japan, and North America. From here, teams will make it to the regional playoffs with the best proceeding to the 2022 World Championship Finals, which will happen as an offline event in December.

The $2 million prize pool in the World Championship will be up for grabs through stages three and five. The majority of this will be given out during the offline finals, which has a prize pool of $1.7 million.  

With CoD: Mobile having a wide range of modes, maps, operator skills, perks, and more, Activision restricts usage on certain items to ensure that the competitive level remains even. The settings for 2022 World Championship are as follows. 

Map Pool

  • Summit
  • Standoff
  • Raid
  • Takeoff
  • Firing Range
  • Slums 
  • Hacienda

Gameplay Settings

There will be three modes played through stages three and five in the 2022 World Championship and will be rotated through the map pool. These are as follows. 

  • Hardpoint
    • Round score limit: 250
    • Time limit: 600 seconds
  • Control
    • Round score limit: Three
    • Round time limit: 90 seconds
  • Search and Destroy
    • Round win limit: Seven
    • Round time limit: 120 seconds

Loadout Restrictions

The restricted items in the CoD: Mobile World Championship 2022 are listed below. Players who don’t adhere to these rules could be disqualified or will have to forfeit the game. 

  • Guns
    • NA-45
    • SVD
    • D13 Sector
  • Operator Skills
    • Transform Shield
    • H.I.V.E
    • Shadow Blade
    • Bull Charge
    • Ballistic Shield
    • K9 Unit
    • Kinetic Armor
    • TAK-5
    • Reactor Core
  • Lethal Utility
    • Trip Mine
    • Thermite
    • Molotov Cocktail
  • Tactical Utility
    • Heartbeat Sensor
    • Gas Grenades
    • Flash Drone
  • Perks
    • Persistence
    • Restock
    • Martyrdom
    • Quick Fix
    • Hardline
  • Weapon Perks
    • Akimbo
  • Scorestreaks
    • UAV
    • Advanced UAV
    • Counter-UAV
    • Care Package
    • Shield Turret
    • SAM Turret
    • Stealth Chopper
    • Shock RC
    • VTOL
    • Hawk X3
    • Swarm 
    • Lightning Strike
    • Orbital Laser
    • Sentry Gun
    • Chopper Gunner
  • Emotes
    • Players aren’t allowed to use emotes throughout the match.