CoD Mobile now displays lucky draw odds following player complaints

Players disagreed with Activision not displaying the odds of the Halloween lucky draw.

Image via Activision

Earlier in the week, Call of Duty: Mobile fans voiced their concerns that Activision was not transparent regarding micro transactions in the game.

Real odds of the lucky draw and crate were not revealed, although it stood on the edge of the rules of Android and iOS stores. Several data miners then revealed the real odds for potential rewards.

Today, the odds appeared on CoD Mobile. In the lucky draw page, you can now click on “More Information” to see the probabilities, as well as those of the crates. The publisher also outlines that the cost and the odds increase simultaneously at each draw.

Here are the real odds of the lucky Draw for the first iteration, according to Activision:

  • Purple Weapon Card*1: 25.67 percent
  • Season Weapon Crate*1: 15 percent
  • HS0405 – Trick-or-Treat Camo: 12 percent
  • Backpack Hallowmas: 12 percent
  • MSMC and Knife Hallowmas: 10 percent
  • ATV Hallowmas: Nine percent
  • XPR-50 Hallowmas: Five percent
  • Outrider Skeleton: 1.25 percent
  • AK47 Pumpkin Head: 0.08 percent

This story may not end here, because the PUBG Mobile community is now reacting to the changes that the CoD Mobile players forced into Activision. Fans of the mobile battle royale are now asking for the same transparency that lies on the same business model: micro-transactions for randomized items.