CoD Mobile players discover real odds for the Halloween lucky draw

Activision didn't display the odds of the lucky draw, so players found them by data mining.

Screengrab via Activision

Some Call of Duty: Mobile players have complained about Activision’s lack of transparency in regards to the game’s monetization. This led to data miners trying to find out the odds of getting certain items from CoD Mobile’s loot system.

A Reddit user discovered the real odds of the Halloween lucky draw that offers a random item for an increasing amount of purchasable CoD Points. Here are the reported odds for each item in CoD Mobile’s Halloween lucky draw:

  • Weapon XP Card: 42 percent
  • Season Weapon Crate: 42 percent
  • Outrider Skeleton skin: Three percent
  • AK47 Pumpkin Head camo: Two percent

This shows that players have a slim chance of getting the Epic Halloween skins early in this process. The first lucky draw costs 40 CoD Points (around $0.45) and the price increases after each draw. If you go all the way to the 10th and final purchase of the lucky draw, it’ll cost 10,000 CoD Points (around $100).

In total, all 10 purchases in the Halloween lucky draw cost roughly 23,580 CoD points. With these odds, players might need to spend hundreds of dollars to get the highly-coveted Halloween skins.

The Reddit user complained about Activision not clearly revealing that the price increases after each draw and not displaying the odds, which they called “unfair business practices.” Apps that offer randomized purchasable items must disclose the odds before purchase, according to iOS and Android store policies.

It’s unclear if this specific method is strictly against the rules. But if you want to get your hands on these rare Halloween skins in CoD Mobile, you should probably prepare to spend over $200.