Cloud joins QG Reapers

Hu “Cloud” Zhenwei is set to join QG Reapers today.

Hu “Cloud” Zhenwei is set to join QG Reapers today, as announced by weibo.

Cloud is a former member of OMG, playing for the team in 2014 and part of 2015 before being benched in favour of Fang “dada777” Hongri.

After being benched, he retired in Sept. 2015, and has not been on a competitive League of Legends team since. Now he makes his return to the competitive scene with QG Reapers. 

As for the QG Reapers, they now have nine players on their roster. Whether Cloud will get a significant amount of time on stage remains to be seen.

Rosters are becoming finalised now across the world with less than a month until the new season starts.

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