Cloud 9 vs Fnatic Preview – Midlane match up

Tomorrow at 5 pm CET/8 am PDT (aprox.) North America's third seed Cloud 9 will face off against Europe's best team Fnatic.

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Tomorrow at 5 pm CET/8 am PDT (aprox.) North America’s third seed Cloud 9 will face off against Europe’s best team Fnatic. Anyone would have tought when the groups were drawn that in group B the two western teams would be leaders after two days of competition.

This match has a lot of high expectations for many european fans (aswell as me) since we’ll see two of the best Eropean midlaners, Febiven and Incarnati0n, go toe to toe. We have already experienced today a great clash in the middle lane when xPeke faced Bjergsen on Origen’s victory over TSM earlier today, but tomorrow’s will be a much more entertaing match up.

On one side we have Febiven who has developed a very unique style of play based on having a huge champion pool and a lot of determination during both the laning phase and team fights. He has an style of play very similar to how Froggen played a while ago where he focused on laning very well to then transition into good team fights. He reraely makes mistakes and today he has shown true potential to carry along with Rekkles even thought they couldn’t win in the end. The big difference with most midlaners is that he can literaly play any champion his team needs on a remarkably high level.

And on the other side we’ve got Incarnati0n who himself is aswell a very strong midlaner. He struggled earlier this year when he decided to move to North America at first, but nowadays he has become in a very important piece in Cloud 9. Undoubtedly Hai is the key for this organisation’s succes (seeing that they’ve been unable to find a decent shotcaller after his retirement), but Incarnati0n has shown that, even though he was solo killed today by ROOKIE’s Ekko, he is a very strong midlaner staying ahead on CS all game and playing great teamfights to help C9 comeback from an early game deficit.

I think Orianna, Viktor and Azir will be the most contesteds picks for tomorrow’s game but I would love to see a TF against Fizz or Yasuo match up. And if it was a Zed vs Fizz or LeBlanc, it would be much better but it is unelikely that any team blind picks any of thoose, unless Incarnati0n or Febiven feel tremendously confident on their hability to 1v1 or outplay the opontent.

Honestly there is much more to talk about on tomorrow’s game but this is for me the match up to look for.