No changes coming to Rakan, Xayah, Garen—unless they’re affected by the mid-season update

Some think changes are necessary, but Riot wants to wait.

On my journey to the Hearthstone World Championship, here's my thoughts so far and the deck Midrange Hunter.

Riot is looking to bring in new balance changes and bugfixes for a handful of champions in League of Legends in an attempt to improve the state of the game after the mid-season, according to a recent dev post on the official League forums.

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Rakan and Xayah, the two newest champions to hit Summoner’s Rift, are set to get slight bugfixes in Patch 7.9. Riot plans to leave the champions alone for a few weeks to assess how the mid-season changes affect them both before implementing any further balance changes to the duo.

Riot wants see if both champions peak in power or become too weak after the itemization changes. If the changes have a meaningful effect to the champions in Patch 7.9, we could see further adjustments to them in the future. Riot is unsure if difference in support itemization will affect Rakan in particular.

Riot is also keen to work in a small change on Garen. Riot’s core gameplay lead designer, Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, said he wants Riot to look at Garen’s W ability to make it a bit more engaging and skillful to use than what it is now, a simple increase to his armor and magic resist at a press of a button.

Meddler touched on two other champions in the post: Skarner and Rengar.

Meddler believes that Skarner is a little too strong, and Riot will need to take power off him in the future. Meddler believes that the champion himself is not problematic enough to justify prioritising him over others who are in dire need of a reworks and balance changes, such as Rek’sai and Ivern.

Rengar has a high pick rate in competitive play and is considered one of the game’s strongest jungle champions, but Meddler said that Riot has nothing planned for changing him. He’s another champion Riot will want to wait and see about after the mid-season changes.