CaptainSparklez finally wins his first MC Championship

The Captain's Curse has finally been broken.

Screengrab via CaptainSparklez on YouTube, Image via Noxcrew | Remix by Kacee Fay

Popular creator and streamer CaptainSparklez, who is primarily known for his Minecraft content, has been a participant in the MC Championships (MCC) for every canonical run of the event thus far, but has continuously been unable to secure victory. He has been on a team that scored third place a total of seven times, which has led to a continuous joke about the “The Captain’s Curse,” causing him to make any team he is on score third place in the event.

After competing in 22 MCC events, the curse was finally broken on May 28 when CaptainSparklez secured his first MCC victory alongside fellow Pink Parrots members Purpled, TommyInnit, and TheOrionSound.

CaptainSparklez is a longstanding member of the Minecraft community, and started making Minecraft content in 2010. He is a staple name anyone familiar with the community recognizes for his iconic content, some of which includes his hit Minecraft parody songs like “Revenge,” which boasts over 270 million views, and “Fallen Kingdom,” with over 145 million views.

CaptainSparklez and the rest of the Pink Parrots led in overall coin total at the conclusion of MCC 22, and subsequently managed to beat the other top-performing team, the Red Rabbits, in the finale Dodgebolt duel. The Red Rabbits consisted of a strong Dodgebolt duel team of Dream, GeorgeNotFound, CaptainPuffy, and Awesamdude. Dream has never lost a Dodgebolt finale duel until now.

“WE DID IT I AM A MINECRAFT CHAMPION,” CaptainSparklez proclaimed in a tweet he shared on his official Twitter account celebrating his hard-earned victory.