Can Their Complex Strategies Bring Success: compLexity Overwatch Winter Premiere Finals Preview

compLexity is the third team to move on to the Overwatch Winter Premiere finals using unique strategies to keep the enemy teams guessing.

Group play at the Overwatch Winter Premiere has concluded, and four teams are moving on to the finals. The finals will take place at PAX South starting Jan. 27. The format for the finals is best-of-five series with a single-elimination bracket. The games will be played on the live servers.

I will profile one team each day of the week leading up to the finals. Over the past two days, I have written about about Immortals and Team Kungarna. I will be previewing the third team moving on, compLexity Gaming.

compLexity Gaming

-Jake “torkTJO” Lepoff DPS

-Nicolas “NicolasTJO” Aubin DPS

-Joe “Joemeister” Gramano Support

-Jackson “Shake” Kaplan Support

-Anthon “harbleu” Ballo Flex

-Sergi “Winghaven” Torras Aragonés Tank

compLexity qualified for the Overwatch Winter Premiere as a winner of one of the four qualifiers. In the first qualifier, compLexity beat Luminosity 2-0 to make it out their group and then beat NRG eSports 2-0 to make it to the semifinals. There they lost to Team Kungarna and got swept by FaZe Clan to finish in fourth place for the qualifier. compLexity came close again in the second qualifier easily making it out their group and getting revenge on FaZe to advance to the semifinals. compLexity lost to Cloud9 in the semifinals, but beat Team Liquid to finish third in the second qualifier.

compLexity only had to play one team to make it out of their group in the third qualifier, which they did easily, and then they beat both Rise Nation and Liquid to make it to the final. In the final, compLexity beat Luminosity in a close 3-2 series that earned them the automatic qualification into the tournament.

compLexity had a back and forth start to the tournament as they were not able to win two games in a row through the first round-robin series. The team got off to a strong start in a 2-1 victory over Kungarna, but the happiness was short lived as they fell to FaZe the next day in another close three map series. compLexity would go on to have a three game losing streak, falling to Renegades and Team Liquid before being able to pick up their second win against Luminosity. They lost one more series to Immortals, but finished the first stage with an easy victory over Citizen7. The team ended with a 3-4 record and was the last team to make it to the second stage.

compLexity picked up their game in the second round-robin stage only losing only one series and winning the other four. compLexity won their first four series which included an important 2-1 victory over the top team Immortals. They went on to have good showing against Luminosity and Renegades before falling to Kungarna on the last day in their final match. The great performance in the second round-robin stage earned them the third seed heading into the finals sporting a 7-5 record.

compLexity is an extremely interesting team to watch because of their unique strategies they pull out in certain games. On certain maps, compLexity would pick Sombra on attack. The new hero has not seen much play because teams are trying to figure out how to play and whether she is good enough to be played professionally. compLexity has figured out some of those questions and has played her with some success. compLexity also occasionally pulled out Torbjorn/Symetra defense to hold a point creating a lot of turrets to hold off the enemy team. Despite some crazy strategies, compLexity hold to the meta in having a Reinhardt and for this tournament they have brought in a new player to fill that role.

Former Reunited player Winghaven has stepped in for Joey “jkw” Wavering to play during round-robin stage and will play for the team at the final. With Reunited’s success, Winghaven will bring in some top level experience to the team and provide a solid foundation to move forward on. With the new patch coming in, I do not believe that compLexity will be hit too hard by the nerfs as they have frequently experimented with playing Zenyatta over Ana and they have not played Roadhog an overwhelming amount.

Key player torkTJO

The key player for the compLexity team will be their DPS player torkTJO. He is the player on the team that played the Sombra and has been the only player in the tournament to show proficiency on her. With the buff to Sombra, tork may play the hero even more. Despite his Sombra play, Soldier: 76 is torkTJO’s most played hero spending 24% of his time on the hero. He has a very diverse hero pool playing multiple different heroes during the tournament, reaching 10 total unique heroes played. He will be crucial for this team’s success and his wide hero pool keeps the opponent guessing what he will play.

compLexity will be playing Team Kungarna in the semifinals for the offline portion of the tournament. The two teams have met on three separate occasions over the course of the qualifiers and round-robin play of the tournament. Kungarna took the early lead in a 2-0 sweep over the team in the first qualifier, denying a spot in the final to compLexity. compLexity tied the head-to-head with a series win in the first round-robin stage, but Kungarna got the last laugh with a 2-0 sweep over compLexity in the second stage. Though they recently lost to Kungarna, compLexity comes in as the hot team due to their stellar performance in the second round-robin stage. The two teams are evenly matched and the series will most likely go to all five maps. compLexity will need to use their unique strategies to help gain an edge over their opponents.

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