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Call of Duty: Mobile surpasses 300 million downloads

The game has accomplished this in just a year.

Call of Duty: Mobile has crossed 300 million downloads in a year since its global release, the game’s general manager Matt Lewis revealed today in a message thanking the community.

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The game was released on Oct. 1, 2019, and has since been giving players a slew of continuous updates and monthly new seasons. CoD: Mobile has managed to combine modes, maps, soldiers, and weapons from across the Call of Duty franchise to send players on a nostalgic ride while playing the game on a handheld device.

“The satisfaction we get from delivering something so accessible and so consistently fresh, it’s hard to overstate,” Lewis said. “It’s really rare in life to be able to positively impact people and doing this every day for millions is undoubtedly what we are most proud of.”

Call of Duty: Mobile gets a new season every month which usually adds a new map, mode, events, soldiers along with some other features like a perk, scorestreak, or weapon. Besides this, the game gets a new rank series every two months. With this, a major update drops into Call of Duty: Mobile which brings a lot of exciting content for players.

Lewis said that the team feels fantastic to be able to offer fun and free entertainment to millions of people. “The communities’ reaction to these changes has been overwhelmingly positive and we see them playing more and more as a result,” Lewis said.

Lewis also revealed that some “big updates” are coming to the game in the future. This will bring some new gameplay areas, maps, modes, weapons, events, and soldiers to the game and will include some which are “iconic” in the franchise.

Recently, Call of Duty: Mobile released one of the biggest updates to the game with season 11. Called “The Anniversary,” it brought a new mode, battle royale map, multiplayer map, weapons, scorestreak, perk, and more.

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