Call of Duty: Mobile season 2 patch notes leaked

The patch should go live on Nov. 22.

Image via Activision

The second season of Call of Duty: Mobile is only a few days away, but the patch notes have been reportedly leaked by a player who previously revealed leaks from the upcoming season, like skins and rank rewards.

These patch notes, which are subject to changes before the actual live release on Nov. 22, reveal several features potentially coming to CoD: Mobile.

Here are the leaked patch notes.

New Season

  • Unlimited Airborne Season Rewards and Winter skin themes.
  • Add more attractive rewards.
  • Decreasing Season (S1 rank will not be fully reset, but will be reduced when entering S2).
  • Optimizing Rank Mode:
    • Of Scores depending on your rank—it will get easier to score at high level).
    • Optimization of match rank to reduce the waiting time for matching.
    • Players who were previously banned will immediately disappear from the leaderboard.
Image via Activision

Latest Premium Pass

  • Alex Mason joins the game as a classic CoD character (he was the main character of CoD: Black Ops).
  • Tier Level 100 Premium Pass prize.
  • A new, lightweight and compact CQB Modern weapons series, to help you win close combat.
  • More than 100 types of items, the latest Mason Series – Aurora Borealis was first released.

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The devs also confirmed the release of a highly-requested feature, Controller Support, which was outlined in the patch notes.

  • The latest version of CoD: Mobile supports PS4 and Xbox controllers. Players can use a controller to join the battle.
  • Controllers can only be used during matches and can’t be used outside of matches (for example, when in the lobby, store, or loadout).
  • When using the PS4 controller to access the game, there will be problems where the key can’t connect to the game. We recommend that you use a newer controller.

In addition, some bugs will be fixed and the game will be optimized. The Zombies game mode will also be released on Nov. 22. Some players have been able to test it in its beta phase for more than one month. Additional information was revealed in the leaked file:

  • Classic Zombie Map: Shi No Numa
  • Classic Zombie Gameplay:
    • Survival Mode: You’ll only use the gun to start. Finish off zombies to get points. Use points to buy better weapons and perks. Zombies will continue to appear and you must stay alive against endless attacks.
    • Raid Mode: Get point sources on unlimited zombie attack waves. Use different points to buy various weapons, perk, buff combinations, and challenge the last boss.
  • Mysterious Easter egg: You can find it in the Zombie mode.
  • Prize settlement: You’ll get a reward after successfully completing this mode.

A new game mode could also appear in season two called One Shot, One Kill. Players will have to hold a high precision rate to win. They’ll all get the same weapon, the J358 Revolver, and try to get 20 kills first.

The Prop Hunt game mode may also return. It’s Call of Duty’s version of the popular hide-and-seek game mode from Garry’s Mod. It was previously playable in CoD: Modern Warfare Remastered and WWII.

Finally, a bunch of balance changes will force players to adapt to a new meta. Roughly two months after the release of CoD Mobile, season two should start on Nov. 25 and last until January 2020.