Call of Duty: Mobile adds Alcatraz battle royale map from Black Ops 4

It is a part of the season 11 anniversary update.

Image via Activision

The 11th season of Call of Duty: Mobile kicked off today. The anniversary season will feature a month of celebrations, events, and content to mark one year of the game’s existence.

While the season has a lot of exciting content and features releasing, one of the most exciting is the new battle royale map, Alcatraz. Call of Duty fans will be able to recognize its name from Black Ops 4. It is a bit different from the one in this game, however.

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Features of the Alcatraz Island

Image via Activision

Here are some of the features of CoD: Mobile’s Alcatraz map.

  • Players can play it only in squads of four players. Up to 40 players can drop onto the map, so there are 10 teams on the Alcatraz map.
  • Unlike the traditional battle royale mode on the Isolated map, players will respawn up to five times per round on Alcatraz.
  • There will be no vehicles on the small map.
  • Players can’t select classes before entering a match. These can only be looted on the map. The classes available are Scout, Ninja, Medic, Defender, Smoke Bomber, and Hacker.
  • On picking a new class, the class energy will transfer over to it.
  • Players will spawn through a portal in the sky and will have only a short time to decide where to land. On spawning, players will be randomly equipped with an uncommon AR or SMG.
  • Weapon and ammo vending machines can be found scattered over Alcatraz.

Also releasing alongside the new battle royale map is an Alcatraz-themed event. This featured event is called “Alcatraz Island” and offers a lot of rewards including skins, a calling card, and Javier Salazar with the Static Electricity camo.