BoxBox breaks Fall Guys’ Slime Climb world record again

Breaking the 50-second barrier.

Screengrab via boxbox

It seems that reports of BoxBox’s perfect Slime Climb run in Fall Guys were slightly exaggerated. The popular League of Legends streamer has broken his own record once more, improving on his already remarkable run by almost three seconds.

With Ryan Lockwood’s legendary GoldenEye 007 speedrun commentary in the background, BoxBox started his now-world record run with a foreboding obstacle: being placed in the last row.

The talented Slime Climber was unfazed, remarking that it is an “entirely skill-based map.” He was quickly proved right, and swiftly found himself jostling at the front with a flawless jump on the first bouncy pad.

BoxBox proceeded to navigate the rolling boulders smoothly, then impeccably timed a leap onto the next platform, avoiding the pistoning candy bars to firmly put himself in the lead.

He continued to extend the distance between the rest of the pack by cutting corners with his tight jumps. Easily passing the treadmills and the cylinders, he then did a mind-blowing trick by turning an obstacle into a stepping stone.

The streamer pulled off an outstanding play, gauging the spinning hammer’s trajectory and using it to skip three of the four treacherous bars above him.

BoxBox was home free. With the runway clear, no mercy was shown as he continued to effectively jump his way through the remaining obstacles, finishing his Slime Climb in 48.14 seconds.

It’s certainly an exemplary run, and likely a textbook of tips and tricks for aspiring Slime Climbers. This particular stage is one of the few levels in Fall Guys where every single participant can potentially qualify, so a good grasp on its mechanics can help everybody earn more Kudos.