Job postings suggest Blizzard is working on a new mobile game

Blizzard is moving resources into multiple unannounced projects.

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After the success of Overwatch‘s launch, Blizzard is already starting to look towards its next big game release—and it could be a mobile title.

A new job posting on Blizzard’s website is seeking a software engineer for an unannounced project. The role focuses on “Blizzard’s mobile gaming efforts”, and calls for a candidate with experience in developing mobile games.

Aside from the mobile release of Hearthstone, Blizzard has yet to explore the lucrative mobile gaming market. In a VentureBeat interview in February, Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce called mobile gaming “one of the key spaces for conscious discussion.”

Pearce also suggested that the Overwatch and StarCraft franchises could lend themselves well to the mobile platform.

Blizzard’s incubation department for new projects is headed up by another Blizzard co-founder, Allen Adham, who returned to the company at the end of last year. Blizzard is also developing a new first-person engine for an another mystery project.

Hearthstone‘s mobile release enjoyed significant success, at one point outstripping the PC platform in revenue and player numbers. It has fallen off recently, however, perhaps losing popularity as a mobile fad while maintaining a strong PC player base.