Best landing spots in Apex Legends

Where should your squad touch down?

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The three maps in Apex Legends have changed a lot since their respective releases. Successive seasons have seen the removal of the popular Skull Town drop spot in Kings Canyon, the chilling addition of the Climatizer on World’s Edge, and the landing of Icarus on Olympus. Thanks to these big changes, it’s safe to say the best drop points on each map are different from what they used to be.

Since all three maps are now in rotation for pubs, we’ll be examining the best drop points on every map. The points are listed in no specific order and were chosen based on popularity, loot availability, and loot rarity.

Kings Canyon

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The Bunker area often contains high-quality loot, including a lot of ammo. If you happen to land within the Ring, it’s also a great place to set up many defensive legends’ abilities, like Rampart’s Amped Cover and Wattson’s Perimeter Security.


Market is a popular drop area, making it a good place to find an early fight. It’s also full of guns and ammo and often contains a Replicator, making it a strong first loot destination.


While it’s a little more off the beaten path than other prime drop locations on Kings Canyon, Swamps is a high-tier loot zone with plenty of goodies for an entire squad. It’s easy to get kitted up here before rotating into more populated zones for an advantageous fight.


Containment is another of Kings Canyon’s most popular drops—and for good reason. It’s frequently considered a hot loot zone. Even if it doesn’t bear that coveted description, it’s still a great place to drop thanks to its centralized location and likely proximity to a fight.

Spotted Lake

Like Swamps, Spotted Lake is a little out of the way and contains a lot of loot in a fairly concentrated area. It’s also a good place to catch an incoming ship or find a Replicator, both of which provide even more potential loot.

World’s Edge

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Fragment East/Fragment West

Unofficially known as the “TTV drop,” both Fragment East and Fragment West contain a high concentration of loot. They’re also incredibly popular, meaning players are almost guaranteed to find an early fight within its walls.

The Geyser

Depending on the way the initial dropship travels, The Geyser can either be off the beaten path or right in the center of the most populated zone. Either way, the area’s central geyser is a great repositioning tool, there’s easy access to a nearby Vault, and the buildings hold plenty of loot.

The Tree

The Tree is another strong zone for loot. It attracts an average number of people, but what makes it good is you can easily run to the buildings behind the Tree itself and hide from anyone you might find. The paths underneath the Tree are also good for getting an easy vantage point and looking over at nearby Harvester.


Countdown is a popular drop, making it a good place to go for an early fight. It has both covered and uncovered areas, so defensive legends can set up guarded areas and offensive legends have room to fire their abilities.


Trials is generally out of the way of most dropship paths, which makes it a great place to start more slowly. Completing the challenge inside grants good loot, which usually includes at least a gold helmet and a gold backpack. There’s also a Charge Rifle available for players who choose Bloodhound.


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Unnamed Turbine Platform

Between Hammond Labs and Turbine, raised a good ways off the ground, is an unmarked area with a waterfall and a house. The three supply bins in the back frequently hold a fully kitted weapon and excellent shields, which make this both a popular and dangerous drop. It’s a great place to kit up quickly.

Solar Array

Solar Array is the best place on any map to find sniper gear. The central platform always holds a variety of sniper weapons and attachments, plus a handful of G7 Scouts and extended mags for other kinds of weapons. It’s also a popular drop point, so be sure to grab all that loot quickly.

Fight Night

Fight Night’s unique melee-only boxing ring, high-quality loot, and frequent designation as a hot loot zone make it a popular drop—and a great place to show off your Heirloom. Just watch out for snipers in the surrounding area.


Estates is one of the most popular drops on Olympus thanks to the ample amount of cover and the high concentration of loot in a relatively small area. It’s a great place to find good supplies as long as you’re willing to fight for them.

Bonsai Plaza

Bonsai is another of Olympus’ most popular drops thanks to the frequency of fights and the large amount of loot in both of the buildings. The area’s newly revamped tunnels are one of the most common places to find a fight early on, too.