Best champion skins in League of Legends: Wild Rift

These are some of the best skins available in the game.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends: Wild Rift boasts many of the champions available in the PC title. Upon the expansion of the game’s open beta, there are over 40 champs available in the mobile game.

For these champs, the game includes a variety of skins taken from League that players can use to change the appearance of their favorite characters. These skins can be purchased using Wild Cores from the in-game store.

While not all League skins were brought over, there are plenty of impressive looks to acquire. Here are the best skins in Wild Rift right now.

Arcade Ahri

Image via Riot Games

One of her most popular skins in League, Arcade Ahri offers the champion a retro video game style appearance. Holstering a Game Boy on her waist, some headphones, and a color-changing tail, this skin is well worth the cost. With completely unique animations, this skin is more than just a recolor, boasting exclusive sounds and other impressive features. If you’re an Ahri player, this is a must-have skin and a standout addition to Wild Rift.

Dark Cosmic Jhin

Dark Cosmic Jhin – Screengrab via Riot Games

Another skin equipped with unique animations, Dark Cosmic Jhin is one of two legendary skins in the game at this time. This cosmetic includes unique interaction dialogue for a slew of champions in the game, as well as a series of unique animations. As a complete redesign of the champ’s appearance, Dark Cosmic Jhin takes on a purple and gold color pallet over his hooded robe. Dark Cosmic Jhin is easily one of the most visually impressive skins in Wild Rift.

K/DA All Out Seraphine

The most recent addition to League’s champion roster, Seraphine’s inclusion in Wild Rift coincided with the release of K/DA’s first EP. To celebrate this, the K/DA All Out skin was included in both League and Wild Rift. As players use the skin, they’ll begin to evolve the songstress’ appearance, taking on a sleek silver and black outfit with blue hair as opposed to her usual pink appearance. Being a music-themed champion, it’s only fitting that this skin includes a unique set of sounds to accompany the champion. As the only other legendary skin in Wild Rift right now, K/DA All Out Seraphine will likely be a popular choice among players.

Eternal Sword Yi

Image via Riot Games

In the Eternal Sword Yi skin, the champion dons a Dynasty Warriors inspired outfit. This look is unique and one of the larger visual overhauls in any skin that’s available in Wild Rift. Eternal Sword Yi is the most impressive skin currently available for the powerful champion.

Battle Boss Yasuo

Image via Riot Games

Another video game inspired skin, Battle Boss Yasuo grants the champion a unique retro spin on his look. While it may not be the most notable remodel, the recolor that’s granted with this skin makes the champion much more vibrant and noticeable than his traditional looks. With a unique recall animation to suit the theme of the skin, Battle Boss Yasuo is a fun light-hearted look for a champion whose other skins are often more serious.

Demonblade Tryndamere

Image via Riot Games

Demonblade Tryndamere is the champ’s most popular skin in League. It sees the champion embrace the darkness, merging himself with his blade to become an evil figure boasting an enormous sword for an arm. In another complete rework, the champion also gains a purple glow over his person, covering many of the human aspects of his body. This skin is a complete shift from the Norse roots that inspired the champion’s initial look. And for players who use Tryndamere often, this is a must-have look to acquire.

Death Sworn Zed

Image via Riot Games

One of League’s most popular champions, Zed has always had a plethora of skins available. But in Wild Rift, his collection is limited. Given this, the developers still chose to include Death Sworn Zed, which is one of the champion’s most unique looks. In this skin, Zed appears in spirit form, still donning his armor and blades. With a completely new model, this skin changes Zed’s appearance drastically and can be a refreshing change for players who use the champion as their main.

Headhunter Akali

Image via Riot Games

The Headhunter set of skins in League has always been some of the most visually impressive in the game. In these skins, champions wear a dark black set of armor with pink accents and weapons. This look is especially impressive on the Headhunter Akali skin. Her two blades tend to stand out in combat and the pink coloring makes for the perfect appearance in-game. Out of all of Akali’s available skins in Wild Rift, Headhunter is one of the best.

Zombie Slayer Jinx

Image via Riot Games

A small change to her original appearance, Zombie Slayer Jinx doesn’t need a lot to stand out as a unique variant. This skin changes up Jinx’s weaponry while keeping it simple with a minigun and rocket launcher still present. Other noticeable cosmetic changes in this look are Jinx’s outfit and her hair being red instead of her traditional blue look. Jinx players who are looking for something slightly different from her original appearance without changing her core look too much should check out this Zombie Slayer skin.

Super Galaxy Fizz

Image via Riot Games

Fizz is a champion in League that has many different looks. But in Wild Rift, he was only granted two. While both are some of the champion’s best looks, Super Galaxy Fizz shines out of the two. Donning the armor of an intergalactic warrior, this is one of the only Fizz skins where he’s fully covered and his face isn’t present. The skin has a definitive mechanical feel to it and that can be seen in its unique animations. There’s nothing more impressive than the massive mechanical shark that appears when Fizz uses Chum the Waters. Super Galaxy Fizz was the perfect addition to Wild Rift and is a must-have skin for players who main the champion.

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