Among Us reportedly replaces Fall Guys as most-streamed game of 2020

Fall Guys had a solid run.

Screengrab via InnerSloth

Among Us has reportedly taken the crown of the most-streamed game in 2020 away from the former champion, Fall Guys

A Q3 report from Engine Media obtained by Nepalaya Esports shows that Among Us has overtaken Fall Guys as the most-streamed game across every platform. This is surprising considering how big Fall Guys was a few weeks ago, but fans have seemed to have moved on to the next big thing. 

Fall Guys exploded in popularity with its fun battle royale mini-games where players fight to survive through obstacle courses and team game modes. The games continue until only one player remains, and it serves as a fun experience for both streamers and viewers. 

Many top streamers consistently streamed Fall Guys for a brief period, including Timthetatman, who famously won his first match in front of 300,000 people.

Among Us launched in 2018 and remained relatively unknown throughout the next two years. The game had very few players until July, when YouTubers and streamers began to play the game and shed light on its fun gameplay. 

In Among Us, 10 players must complete various tasks around the map to escape, but two players are Imposters who must kill everyone before they finish. Crewmates can report dead bodies or any suspicious activity to vote out the Imposters, but Crewmates are also at risk of being ejected. 

This gameplay style has provided the perfect platform for content creators and has attracted thousands of other players to try it out with their friends. The game has hit over 100 million downloads and 3.8 million concurrent players. Among Us is more accessible than Fall Guys since it is available on PC and smartphones. Fall Guys can only be played on the PS4 and PC currently, which leaves a significant amount of players left out. 

It is unclear if Among Us will continue to dominate every steaming platform, but future updates will likely keep players entertained. InnerSloth recently confirmed that it has stopped the development of Among Us 2 to focus on its first game, which means more maps and types of tasks will likely be released soon.