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All Jinx cosmetics coming to Fortnite

Jinx is booking her ticket to the Fortnite island.

Image via Riot Games

Jinx is making her debut in Fortnite on Nov. 4.

The popular League of Legends champion, younger sister of Vi, resident of Piltover, and main character of Riot’s upcoming animated series Arcane will be available in Fortnite as a part of a collaboration between Epic and Riot Games.

Arcane is a Netflix series that explores the origins of two iconic League characters in the utopian city of Piltover and the oppressed underground of Zaun. And to celebrate its premiere on Nov. 6, Fortnite players will soon be able to purchase and show off a selection of Jinx-inspired items from the shop.

On Nov. 4 at 7pm CT, Fortnite’s shop will contain the following items for a limited time only:

Image via Epic Games
  • Arcane Jinx outfit
  • Pow Pow Crusher pickaxe
  • Jinxed spray
  • Jinx’s Dream Monkey back bling
  • Playground (Instrumental) lobby track
  • Wreaking Havoc loading screen
  • Katchoo! loading screen

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