Afreeca freecs penalized for intentional disconnection

One LCK team after another committing the same fault

Riot Games has penalized Afreeca Freecs after two of its players dropped out of a game against Rox Tigers on March 19.

Seohaeng “KurO” Lee and Dayoon “Spirit” Lee disconnected from both the first and second games of the series, leading to two separate cautions

The verdict means that Afreeca Freecs will lose a point off the back of their loss to ROX Tigers to end the week 0-2.

Riot will penalize Afreeca Freecs on Clause of the LCK ruleset, which states that teams may be penalized if players disconnect without giving a valid reason. The same has happened to Longzhu Gaming and Samsung Galaxy in recent weeks.

The ruling means Afreeca Freecs now sits in sixth place in the LCK with a 7-7 deficit.

Longzhu are guaranteed to survive for the summer split heading into the last week of the LCK with two games left. BBQ Oliver’s currently sit at 4-10, unable to catch the Freecs regardless of next week’s results.