Aceu ranks Apex’s legends in season 13 meta, says Wraith isn’t actually that good

It's a bold statement, as Wraith is one of the most popular legends.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Aceu discussed his thoughts on Apex Legends‘ evolving season 13 meta during a recent livestream.

In a clip, Aceu responded to chat comments and questions about individual legends’ viability. When it came to Wraith, he claims that she isn’t nearly as good as people think she is.

“The only people who play Wraith are the one-tricks who refuse to play other characters,” Aceu said.

Aceu also said the two main reasons that players pick Wraith are her small hitbox and her Into the Void tactical. Both abilities are very forgiving and allow players to make up for their mistakes. Aceu believes she’s just okay as a legend and that she doesn’t provide much team value for other players. Instead, her abilities are focused more on herself. Despite these issues, Wraith is still the most frequently-picked character across all players and all modes as of this writing.

Aceu also claims that Seer is better than Bloodhound in a lot of situations. He believes that players can generally get more value out of Seer than Bloodhound. Both have similar “wallhack” abilities that allow them to locate players through walls and objects.

Aceu did admit that he would pick Bloodhound if he was looking to “ape” and kill as many players as he could rather than playing to win. Bloodhound is considered to be better when played aggressively, while Seer is more stealthy and is good at sneaking up on others.