A Hearthstone pro had to convince his bank that his huge number of DoD card purchases weren't fraud

That's a lot of packs.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Pro Hearthstone player Jon “Orange” Westberg was streaming earlier today when he received a strange call. He muted his microphone on stream, but came back laughing. 

He told his viewers that the call was from his bank reporting suspicious activity on his card. There had been so many charges from Blizzard that the bank was confirming the charges weren’t fraudulent.

This appears to be the first time that this has happened to Orange based on his reaction, but most players know what it’s like to burn through your wallet to get all the new cards, so it’s probably not too out of the ordinary. 

This incident comes after the release of the newest Hearthstone expansion, Descent of Dragons, which came out earlier today. The expansion includes 135 new cards and adds new mechanics such as Invoke, Galakrond, and Sidequests. Players can buy two packs for $2.99 USD or all the way up to 60 packs for $69.99 USD. We’re assuming Orange’s purchases were on the higher side.

Orange is a player from Sweden and is currently playing for SK Telecom T1. He’s been active on the Hearthstone scene since 2015. He originally played Magic: The Gathering, but switched over to Hearthstone to play with friends.


Aaron Mickunas
Esports and gaming journalist for Dot Esports, featured at Lolesports.com, Polygon, IGN, and Ginx.tv.