Will New World require a monthly subscription?

Hold on to your wallets.

Image via Amazon Games

Amazon Games is set to release its new MMORPG, New World, on Sept. 28. Players can pre-download the game now once they purchase it and add it to their Steam library. The standard edition of the game costs $40, while the deluxe edition—which includes skins for weapons and armor, as well as additional emotes—costs $50. 

Luckily, once you’ve added the game to your library and purchased either the standard or deluxe version of New World, you won’t have to worry about any additional fees. The game does not require a monthly subscription to continue playing. 

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Traditionally, many MMORPG games such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV require a monthly subscription to access the game. These subscription fees can add up over time and often outweigh the original retail price of the game after just a few months. 

New World, however, won’t feature a subscription-based model in any capacity. Once you purchase the game from the Steam store, you’ll be able to access the game in its entirety without any restrictions. Of course, Amazon Games could announce additional content for New World at some point in the future, but it remains to be seen if any DLC or expansions will cost extra. 

New World is available to purchase now via the Steam store. New World will launch on Sept. 28.