Where to get the Fire Mote in New World

You'll need to upgrade your harvesting.

New World
Image via Amazon Games

With Amazon’s entry into the MMO space, New World, finally available for the public to purchase and play, players have gotten the chance to try the game out for themselves without any fear of incoming resets.

While similar to other modern MMO titles, crafting is at the core of New World and something that players will be tasked with doing quite often on their adventures through Aternum.

Through the later stages of the game, there are resources that you’ll require which aren’t so simple to find. One of these is Fire Motes. These can be used multiple ways, including different furnishing.

Where to find Fire Motes

Fire Motes can be acquired by harvesting the DragonGlory flowers that will appear around the map. It isn’t clear exactly where you can and can’t find these plants yet, but they seem to commonly spawn within the Windsward region of the map.

To harvest this plant, players will need to have level 30 harvesting and own a harvesting tool like a sickle. One thing you may notice is that instead of Fire Motes you may acquire Fire Essence, but don’t fear as this item is simply an upgraded version of the Fire Mote.

You’ll likely not encounter a need for any Fire Motes until you’ve ventured into the game quite a bit. As long as you’re actively working to level up your harvesting ability, then you should have what you require to collect them for yourself when the need arises.