Where to get a water mote in New World

You'll need to level up your gathering skills first.

New World
Image via Amazon Games

Amazon’s upcoming MMO New World is full of resources, but it’s not always obvious how exactly you’re supposed to obtain some of those materials.

Among the trickier items to get early in the game are water motes. 

The alchemy resource isn’t something you’ll probably need early in the game, but once you’ve leveled your gathering abilities, you’ll be able to get them as crafting materials for Stonecutting, Armoring, Arcana, and Furnishing.

It’s not totally clear all of the different places that you’ll be able to obtain a water mote, but one way to get them is by leveling up your harvesting to 30 and using your sickle to gather the magical plant called a Rivercress.

Screengrab via New World

In the closed beta so far, it appears as though these magical plants can be found around rivers and near waterfalls. This is particularly true in the territories Windsward and Everfall.

This article will be updated as more sources of water motes are discovered over the course of the New World beta test, which ends on Aug. 2.