Where to find the Amethyst Shard Exchange Merchant in Lost Ark

What can you do with one of the most valuable currencies in the game?

Image via Smilegate

In the world of Arkesia, there are plenty of different currencies to spend as you pick up new items, weapons, and gear to prepare yourself for your numerous expeditions. One of the rarest forms of currency in Lost Ark, however, comes in the form of the Amethyst Shards.

These shards are hard to come by on your travels and can only be acquired from a select few places. The easiest way is to get lucky enough to pick up a Twitch drop from specific streamers who are playing the game. You can also link your Amazon Prime account to your Lost Ark account, where you can then claim a reward that contains an Amethyst Shard pack, Crystalline Aura, and a Battle Chest bundle.

Don’t get too excited just yet, though. If you haven’t reached the maximum level, you won’t be able to spend your shards since the only place you can spend them is with an Exchange Merchant found on North Vern. This place is only available when you’re completing endgame content, so you’ll want to level up your character to the max before looking to cash out.

When you finally find the Amethyst Shard Exchange Merchant, you can pick from a whole selection of different goods, including a unique collection of mounts, Crystalline Aura packs, pets, outfit and emote packs, and rapport chests. It might take a while, but the rewards you can find are worth the grind.

So if you’re still on your way to level 50, save up your shards and get ready for a shopping spree once you make it to the top.