Where to find the Aether Compass in Final Fantasy XIV

Fly through the lands of Hydaelyn.

Image via Square Enix

It’s that time again. Final Fantasy XIV fans are discovering new areas in the latest expansion, Endwalker, and they’ll have to attune to every Aether Current to be able to fly around.

Fortunately, the Endwalker areas will contain fewer Aether Currents, but it’ll still be an obligatory duty to be able to go through the main scenario quest faster and to participate in hunts without needing a ride on every map.

The Aether Compass is a key item that facilitates the attunement of Aether Currents by giving hints on their location. When you use it, you can get notified of the direction in which the nearest Aether Current is and how far away it is.

If you haven’t used the compass in a long time, however, you may struggle to find it in your inventory again.

Screengrab via Square Enix

Before Endwalker, the Aether Compass could be found in the Key Items tab of your inventory, in the same location where you find Khloe’s Journals. But it can’t be found in there anymore.

The new place to find it is in your Collection tab. Head to the small menu icons in the bottom-right part of your screen and select Duty. You’ll find the Collection tab under “Recommendations.”

It’s advised to put the Aether Compass in a hotbar because you might use it a lot when looking for Aether Currents to attune to and it won’t be easy to navigate in your menus each time you want to use it.

If you don’t have any available spots in your job hotbars, you can set up a hotbar dedicated to your key items and actions, such as Teleporting, Sprinting, and other actions, on one side of your interface.