Where to find Tadpoles in New World

"I can wait and fish all day!"

Image via Amazon Games

MMO stories typically get more epic as you play through them. It’s not always about the story, however, and you’ll need to do a bit of grinding to progress your characters in New World.

While playing New World, you may find yourself looking for certain items for crafting or completing quests. If you’ve been looking for Tadpoles to complete a quest and have been having a tough time, some research may be able to help you out. Tadpoles tend to be quite small, and you’ll need the right tools to lure them out in New World. You’ll also need to be in the right places since they have their favorite type of water.

Head over to a pod of freshwater and try fishing one out with a firefly as your bait. This is not the only way to find Tadpoles in New World, though. There have also been players that were able to find Tadpoles while fishing in streams without bait as well. And while the first method can be faster, the latter will be more cost-efficient since you won’t have to worry about finding yourself bait.

If this will be your first time fishing, you’ll need to secure yourself a fishing rod.

  • Locate Master Fisher Michael Shield, who’ll be at the west of Windsward
  • Accept the quest to collect five Woodlouse bait from nearby bushes and complete it
  • Once you return to Michael Shield, you’ll be able to claim your Wooden Fishing Pole as reward

After getting your fishing pole, you’ll need to get familiar with the fishing mechanics. As you approach the water, you’ll be able to use your fishing hotkey to cast your fishing pole if you have it equipped.

Depending on the bait you’re using, fish should be attracted to your rod in a short amount of time, and you’ll need to use your fishing hotkey once again to reel them in. Reeling the fish sounds easy, but it will require some practice since you’ll need to get familiar with the mechanics.