Where to find Rivercress in New World

It's exactly where the name suggests it would be.

Image via Amazon Games

Harvesting is one of the many trade skills in New World that are highly useful in progressing your character throughout the game.

Requiring a sickle, the gathering profession can be leveled by picking herbs and hemp, but there are also a handful of more rarely found resources to harvest as well, like Rivercress.

Rivercress in New World is a magical plant that, when harvested, gives players water motes as well as Rivercress stems, leaves, and flowers.

As its name suggests, Rivercress can be found near bodies of water.

Screengrab via New World

You’ll be able to find this plant by rivers, lakes, and waterfalls, and it should stick out on your screen because of its distinct appearance.

To pick Rivercress, you’ll need to level your harvesting skill up to 30 and have a sickle equipped.

Leveling to 30 will take a little bit of time if you don’t go out of your way to grind out your harvesting skill, but if you run around for about 30 to 60 minutes gathering herbs and hemp, you’ll likely be able to reach the required level to get that Rivercress, as well as a handful of other higher level magical plants.