Where to find Karl the Overseer in New World

Karl is one of New World's more elusive enemies.

Image via Amazon Games

One of the first things new players will do upon creating a character in New World is complete missions for their selected faction. 

Players who join the Syndicate faction will go through a lengthy quest chain that involves trekking all across various parts of Aeternum to investigate sources of “corruption,” a mysterious entity plaguing the world. 

One of the final missions you’ll have to complete for your faction entails heading to an area called Bradbury Fields to clear out some corrupted enemies, including a named boss called Karl the Overseer. Unfortunately, Karl can be a bit difficult to track down, especially since his extended spawn timer keeps him off the map for long periods of time. 

But once you find where Karl spawns, you can keep the location in the back of your mind while working on the other objectives of the mission. 

On the east side of the area, there’s a two-story house with a red flag and some hay bales posted out front. Make your way inside the building and up the stairs. Karl the Overseer should be waiting for you in front of a nearby fireplace. If he isn’t, wait a few minutes because the enemy’s spawn location isn’t random—he’s guaranteed to show up in that exact location each time. 

Once you’ve killed Karl the Overseer and completed the other objectives of the mission, head back to your settlement in Everfall to officially join the Syndicate.