Where to find Kadan Cathedral Catacombs for The Wingless quest in Lost Ark

Clicking on the quest compass won't help you there.

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Lost Ark’s story has plenty of missions to keep players busy. Though they’re mostly straightforward, sometimes the game will ask you to head to an obscure location without giving you much information on where it is.

That’s the case for The Wingless quest, which has players find a series of Lazenith Records throughout Arkesia and have them decoded. While most of the destinations are simple, the last record will be in Kadan Cathedral Catacombs, an area that’s mostly obscure and not really easy to spot.

Here’s how to find it.

Where to find Kadan Cathedral Catacombs for The Wingless quest in Lost Ark

If the game is pointing you toward Kadan Cathedral Catacombs, you should look no further than Luterra Castle. Clicking the compass on the quest indicator will show you a layout of the area but doesn’t tell you where to enter it.

The Kadan Cathedral Catacombs zone is located below Kadan Cathedral in Luterra Castle, to the left side of the map. To enter the zone, look for a stairwell icon on the far left of the map, just after Kadan Cathedral. Though that stairway is marked as Kadan Cathedral Basement, the Catacombs are part of the basement. Head through the door and find another Lazenith Record to complete that step of the quest.

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To finish The Wingless, interact with the Lazenith Record in the Catacombs, talk to the demon Nomed (in the same area), then surface to find Brother Mikeel close to the Triport in Luterra Castle. Finishing this quest will grant you a chunk of XP and the next mission, To The Edge of the World.