Where to find Common Material Converter in New World?

Time for some spring cleaning in your inventory.

Image via Amazon Games

You’ll run into many different materials during your time in New World. While some will be useful for crafting, others may serve you better if you decide to sell them. There’ll always be materials that you’ll have no use for as the game progresses and even selling them might not be that profitable. Turning them into a material that you could use can sound like a dream, but it’s a reality in New World.

With the help of Material Converters, players get to repurpose some of their extra materials to other ones that they need. If you’re just getting started and learning the way around the game’s large map, it may be difficult to find where you can obtain a Common Material Converter.

Common Material Converters can be purchased from Faction Vendors. When you click on your Faction Vendor, you’ll need to navigate to the Rewards tab and the Common Material Converter will be there alongside many other options.

The common version of the item has an affordable price tag, but you won’t be getting back the same number of materials you add into the equation during the process. The item’s description reads, “The process is inherently imperfect, so some loss is expected.”

Players looking to get the most of the deal can try out Advanced Material Converter or Masterwork Material Converter will also be available for purchase in your Faction Vendor.


If this is your first visit to your Faction Vendor, take a look around to see if there are any useful items that you can purchase to save yourself an additional trip. Picking up a few additional Material Converters can also be ideal to avoid wasting more time crafting. Don’t forget to spend your Tokens wisely, however, since you’ll never know what you might need next from the Faction Vendor.