Where to find 500-year-old Mera Wine in Lost Ark

Ingredients: 499-year-old wine and time.

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Mokoko Seeds aren’t the only items you’ll be hunting down in Lost Ark. The MMO has a series of collectibles to hunt down, and if you’re trying to finish your Adventurer’s Tome for each region, you’ll also need to get your hands on several different ingredients.

One of the first items Lost Ark players will encounter is the 500-year-old Mera Wine, a delicacy that’s part of the Cooking section on your Adventurer’s Tome in Rethramis. This elusive item can slip by players if they’re not looking around since it’s located in a slightly hidden area in the Aquilok’s Head dungeon. Here’s how to find it.

Where to find 500-year-old Mera Wine in Lost Ark

Backtrack to Border Watch in Rethramis and ride to the Aquilok’s Head dungeon. This collectible is in a somewhat secluded spot and requires you to interact with a lever.

After speaking to a guard and searching inside the cave, you’ll have to break down a wagon that’s in your way to progress. Doing it will summon a mob of enemies, so take them out. After you’re done, look in an alcove to the left and you’ll find a lever. Interacting with it will drop down a nearby boulder, opening up a new area on the map for you to explore.

Jump down and go to the left side to find a few Thornwalkers. Take them out and look for an interactable object on the floor, to the right of a nearby torch. Interact with it once to gain a 499-year-old Mera Wine. You can also look around the secret area for two Mokoko Seeds.

In our experience, this node drops four 499-year-old Mera Wines, but they are party-wide. If you’re alone, you can loot them at will (though there’s not much of a point in keeping more than one of them). If you’re in a group, however, make sure all members have gotten their drops. Otherwise, they’ll have to do the dungeon again.

Aging your 499-year-old Mera Wine

After obtaining the 499-year-old Mera Wine, you’ll need to turn it into 500-year-old Mera Wine with the secret ingredient: time. As its description says, “be patient and wait for a little while.” After two hours of real time, the item will turn into 500-year-old Mera Wine. Using it from your inventory will add it to the Adventurer’s Tome, showing a glowing review from a Gourmand.

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If you use the 499-year-old Mera Wine from your inventory, the game will show you a note from the Gourmand saying they were so close to a 500-year-old Mera Wine but blew their chance. Players can re-obtain their wines at any time by heading into Aquilok’s Head and following these steps again.