Where is Boatswain Ambrose in New World?

Have you checked the docks?

Like most MMOs, New World gets more complex as you advance through the levels and start venturing to new parts of the map. Quests will mainly guide you through the map and allow you to experience the best of New World.

Though quests do their best to prevent players from getting lost around the map, the complex structures and landmarks may make it harder for you to find your targets. There will be times where you’ll circle around the same location, hoping to find your target in a small opening or building.

In most cases, chances are that your target will be located in a location that has a hidden entrance. They can also be bugged out and you may need to re-login to the game, or it may require a server reset to bring them back.

Where can you find Boatswain Ambrose in New World?

While Zebulon is relatively easy to locate since the ship he’s on is hard to miss, the same can’t be said for Boatswain Ambrose.

The one Threat at a Time quest will take you to the docks in First Light. You won’t need to search around the harbor, however, since Boatswain Ambrose is located in a cave just below the docks.

Screengrab via Amazon Game Studios

The cave is guarded by mobs and you’ll need to clear most of them since they can turn into a nuisance if you ignore them. Considering finding the cave is the tougher part of the quest, you shouldn’t have any trouble when it comes to clearing your way to Ambrose.

Once you complete your quest, you can follow the same path and get back to the docks and safety.

If you still can’t seem to find the entrance of Ambrose’s cave, you can check out this walkthrough video that can help you navigate to the cave from the docks.