Where do you farm Aquilok’s Skin in Lost Ark

Patience is the way.

Image via Smilegate

Regardless of whether you focus on the Player vs. Player (PvP) or Player vs. Environment (PvE) aspect of Lost Ark, you’ll find yourself chasing valuable items.

Players are rewarded with various collectibles throughout their Lost Ark journeys, some harder than others to obtain. This makes them rarer. Aquilok’s Skin is one such rare item and players will need to get familiar with the Adventurer’s Tome to unlock it.

Adventurer’s Tome includes a chapter for all regions in Lost Ark. Players can complete it by collecting certain items from around the world. It isn’t all for nothing, of course, as players get to unlock different rewards for their efforts.

The Rethramis collection in the Adventurer’s Tome requires an Aquilok’s Skin and finding it may end up being more difficult than expected. If you’re looking to get your hands on Aquliok’s Skin, you’ll need to continue slaying monsters. Despite having a low drop rate, you should be able to get Aquilok’s Skin from a random drop eventually. Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific enemy you can farm to drop Aquilok’s Skin, meaning there will be grinding involved if you want to obtain it.

Dungeons also have a chance to drop Aquilok’s Skin. Considering the item has a low drop rate, don’t forget to take breaks if you fail to find it after hours of farming.