When will Valtan Legion Raid release in Lost Ark?

Welcome to a new kind of high-end content.

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After reaching level 50, the players will be gradually introduced to more complex mechanics in Lost Ark, building up their way to high-end content.

A big part of it are raids, and there are several kinds of them in the game’s Korean version. Some of them take days, or even weeks, to be completed for the first time, requiring significant time investment and effort.

The players will be introduced to Guardian Raids first, and then to the Abyss Raid Argos in the Western version of the game. Legion Raids are even more difficult to clear. To help the players in the process, there are several checkpoints to save the player’s progress on the way.

Valtan will be the first Legion Raid to join the Western version of Lost Ark. It will be available in two versions, Normal and Hard. Clearing it will require “teamwork to understand and enact the strategy necessary to counter each Legion Commander’s unique characteristics, abilities, and mechanics,” the developer wrote.

The players who have reached an item level of 1,415 will be able to unlock it when it’ll be released.

Valtan Legion Raid release date

The release date of Lost Ark‘s first Legion Raid is still uncertain. It was announced to be introduced during May in the latest roadmap, but Amazon Games has revealed that there was a possibility to push back the release date depending on the average player base progression in the game, so it’s still subject to change.

“Our data has suggested that a big enough portion of our active players will reach, or be close to reaching, the item levels needed to participate in higher-level end-game content by May,” it said.

Provided the situation doesn’t change before next month, the Legion Raid will likely be introduced in May, although it’s still unclear if it’ll be around the beginning, middle, or end of the month.

This article will be updated when the developer gives more information on the subject.