When does the Ashes of Creation Alpha One end?

The first full preview of Ashes of Creation is here.

Image via Intrepid Studios

The official Alpha One testing period for Ashes of Creation kicked off today, July 14, and is set to last for exactly one month. The first Alpha testing period for Ashes will end on Aug. 13. 

After several testing periods that had been shrouded in secret behind non-disclosure agreements, Ashes of Creation has opened its first Alpha testing period to players who have pre-ordered the game, in addition to certified content creators and members of the press. 

The Ashes of Creation Alpha One testing release focuses on the game’s first 15 levels and limits players to exploring approximately 17 percent of the world’s total map. The Ashes of Creation Alpha One testing period showcases over 200 quests for players to sample, in addition to seven unique, open-world dungeons. 

Only three of the game’s eight planned classes are available to play in Alpha One: Cleric, Mage, and Tank. Players who take part in the Alpha One testing period for the game can expect to see all of the progress they made during the test completely wiped when the testing period comes to a close on Aug. 13. 

Once Alpha One testing is over, the developers of Ashes will prepare for a broader Alpha Two test. No start date has been given for that particular testing period.  

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