When does patch 6.01 release on Final Fantasy XIV?

It will bring the first Endwalker raid and more.

Final Fantasy's Endwalker logo on a dark blue background.
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Final Fantasy XIV‘s patch 6.0 brought the biggest batch of content in over two years to the MMO with the Endwalker expansion, but there’s still more to come.

The 6.1 patch will introduce its first Endwalker raid, teased at the end of the expansion’s main scenario.

The new PvP mode Crystal Conflict, which emphasizes strategy and coordination by featuring small-scale teams, will also be introduced with the next patch, according to the 6.0 patch notes.

Though most of the latest hairstyles have been added with Endwalker earlier in December, Hrotgar hairstyles will be introduced later with patch 6.01.

The players will have to wait for the next Unreal trial, as well as the opening of the lottery system for houses and the availability of Emyreum, slated to be introduced with patch 6.1 next year.

When will patch 6.01 release on FFXIV?

The wait is almost over for fans who’ve already completed most of Endwalker‘s main content.

After the delay of the expansion’s release, FFXIV game director and producer Naoki Yoshida revealed during the Live Letter from the Producer show that patch 6.01 is scheduled for Dec. 21.

Screengrab via Square Enix

No further updates were offered about the schedule since the release of Endwalker. But a blog post will likely be posted in the coming days to inform players about an upcoming maintenance to release the next patch, and what time it’ll go live for players.


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