When can I pre-download New World?

Get ready to play on launch.

Image via Amazon Games

After two successful betas, fans have been eagerly awaiting a chance to get back into the world of Aeternum and that chance is coming very soon with New World’s release on Sept. 28.

New World is the latest MMO to receive a full release and Amazon’s first entry into the genre. The game boasts many of the features that MMO fans will be familiar with along with extra additions to differentiate the game from its competitors. These include the PvP focus, crafting system, among other features.

With games increasing in size, especially for something as large scale as New World, fans are longing more than ever for the ability to download prior to launch so that they may be ready for the minute server go live. Thankfully, New World has obliged to this request and fans will be able to pre-download the game before Sept. 28.

When can I pre-download New World?

New World will be available to download at 10 am CT on Sept. 27 in preparations for servers going live on Tuesday, Sept. 28.

There hasn’t yet been an official size for the download revealed, but according to the game’s Steam listing, you’ll need at least 50GB free so expect the download to be around that size.

While will be plenty of servers available when the game launches, one thing to consider is that even after pre-downloading the game you may be stuck in server queues on launch for some of the more popular worlds.